North America

The CIBSS Global Network brings together business professionals, faculty, and students affiliated with our Center’s international operations. Please feel free to join us. You will have the opportunity to interact with thousands of our members located all around the world.


Christopher McNamee       Danielle Kim

Mara Rudzinski       Marry Rebecca Taylor

Christina Cheung       Blake Horowitz       Anna Kozanecka       Meredith Stampler

David Cuthell       Geraldine Hirschhorn       Robert Schiazzano       Rachel Brender

Lauren Brown       Jon Ransegnola       David Tao       Wade Simms       Henock Abebe

Andre Nowell       Marcelo Lima       Masooma Ali       Bryan Hill       Peter Stopherd      

Whitney Headen       Christopher Poth       Lauren McCutcheon       Alonge Andrews

Nicole Diaz       Allison Jones Kruse       Tim Nance       Tevin Smith       John Vislosky

Graig Russo      

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