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As a policy and economic adviser for Gerson Lehrman Group Councils and NYU international business expert, the founder is involved in global developments of companies operating in different sectors and industries: energy, telecommunication, textile, food processing, plastic industry, pharmaceutical, education, and more.

Conference Center

CIBSS has extensive experience in organizing international seminars and events. The conferences are hosted by our Center on Wall Street, at New York University, Wagner College, and reputable universities in business locations around the globe (Frankfurt, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, and more)


The founder is teaching international business and finance at New York University, and until recently at Wagner College. He maintains relationship with dozens of faculty from universities in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Americas. He is an honorary member of the International Honor Society in Business Administration, and member of the Academy of International Business.


The founder created a global market index, and headed a significant number of academic teams researching the global economic, cultural, legal, and political environments.

Information Services

CIBSS is delivering and analyzing global business and political news.

Social Media

CIBSS is currently developing applications which will serve as interactive platforms for the international business and academic community.

IMG_0824Business Travel Services

CIBSS has a recognized expertise in organizing international field projects to major business destinations: European Union, Russia, United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, India, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and the United States.





CIBSS Global Network is serving the international business and academic communities.



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